ORVOX is a small but ambitious, independent recording company for classical music. We invest an enormous engagement and enthusiasm into every recording where nothing is put aside. The goal is to achieve the best result at all times, and to bring full justice to all performances regardless of the circumstances. All customers should be satisfied even long time after the recording was made and brought to the market.

ORVOX has been in business since 1973 and at that point the first condenser microphones were bought and, together with a Revox from 1968, high quality recordings were made, many of which are still of equal interest today. Many things have happened since then, regarding knowledge as well as equipment.

ORVOX has a broad experience from many years of classical music recording and almost everything in the genre has got onto our tapes.

ORVOX manages almost all kind of localities and surroundings in a very professional manner, catching the character of the premise when that is requested. ORVOX's knowledge and feeling regarding the content and its musicality will make every interpretation sound just like our musicians want.

ORVOX has been engaged for recordings in many places in Sweden of course but also in USA, Australia, former Yugoslavia, Estonia and others.

Over the years there has been many satisified customers who have used the services of ORVOX.

If you want more information and/or want to discuss more concrete questions don't hesitate to contact ORVOX via mail or phone.

E-Mail, info(a)orvox.se. Mobile phone,
+46 70 548 65 23.

Our speciality

ORVOX's speciality has become that special type of concert- or live recording which is not allowed to disturb the concert itself and where the performance should work both for the performer and the audience together with a fully acceptable result. This requires excellent knowledge of the music and a total awareness of what you are doing together with the proper equipment.

ORVOX manages all techniques from two microphones to multiple microphones and from two DAT channels up to multiple channels of digital mixing, recording and editing.

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